When it's all gone and city lights are bright.

There's been days without you, there's been weeks without you,
there's been months without you...
When I'll finally fall apart 'cause I've lost you?
R.I.P. 19.o2.1995 - o8.o1.2o12
Can't forget you, Dear. Never.
I just wanna sleep all day.
I just wanna get over you.
Let me be alone.
Let me fall apart.
Let me feel the heart beat
of the graveyard.
City lights,
that night.
Thinking about that night...
...it makes me smile.
...it makes me sad.
...it makes me miss you.
Walking trouhg the whole city.
Let me just sleep over my whole life.
Let the angels wake me when it's over.

I wanna tell you how much I care.
Even if I someday will say: "I do" for life with someone else
remember, I'll allways love you.


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